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Advertising on KnowGuff.com couldn't be easier! Here are the ad spots available and their pricing.

The Short-Term Relationship:
While vertically challenged, it's a perfect ad spot to test the waters before moving on to bigger and better things. This is a short-term relationship to get your feet wet.
Duration: 10 days
Size: 160 x 90 pixels
Cost: $7

Be Square:
This little guy is square, but don't let that turn you off. He'll work hard for you.
Duration: 30 days
Size: 160 x 160 pixels
Cost: $15

Square Squared:
Exponents are totally sick--but that's a good thing, because now you command the show with this big-up.
Duration: 30 days
Size: 160 x 320 pixels
Cost: $30

Horizontal Banner for Sponsored Posts:
On many occasions, a post/study discusses a product/ingredient directly relevant to an advertiser. You can place an ad right at the end of the post to a captive audience. It doesn't get more targeted than this!
Duration: 30 days
Size: 480 x 100 pixels
Cost: $50

Email me for special requests/sizes/durations. Prices are in CAD and subject to change without notice (although every attempt will be make to ensure advanced notice is given in order to adjust your marketing budget).

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