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Thinking Chocolate

Regular consumption of chocolate has again been correlated with better cognitive functioning, according to to the latest chocolate study.

This time, researchers examined the chocolate eating habits and cognitive performance of 968
participants in the MSLS (Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study) aged 23–98 years.


Chocolate Protects Your Skin

Since this upcoming weekend is Easter, and chocolate has somehow wiggled its way into this holiday, the next two posts (today and Friday's) will be on recent studies into the health benefits of this delectable superfood.


Microbiome Shifts in Early Childhood

A new study has both confirmed and shed new light on some aspects of microbiome development in an infant. The study says the transition from early infant feeding to "family foods" (solid foods that the rest of the family eats) is a major determinant for gut microbiota development.


Earn More Money with Breastfeeding

According to a recent study, even marginal increases in breast feeding rates could be worth millions to society when considering the benefit
to cognitive development.

UK and German researchers came to this conclusion after calculations using over 10,000 school exam results. Using a model based on the assumption that improved UK General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam results meant higher future salaries, researchers calculated that if the UK saw a 1% increase in breastfeeding rates, the 800,000 children born in the UK per year could collectively earn over £33 million (€40 million) more over their working lifetime.


Women go to BAT

I've been so busy recently that this is the first post is about 3 weeks... AND during that hiatus, this blog's 5-year anniversary came and went without any fanfare. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already, and I look back at all the posts, studies, rants, videos and other extra-curricular goodies that has allowed this blog to grow and spread the message of natural health.

I have to thank everyone of you, all my subscribers, as well as those just stopping by, for helping me make this blog a success...well, at least to me.  :)

To kick things off again, on this International Women's Day, I'm going to quickly discuss a new study on brown adipose tissue (BAT), also known as "brown fat." If you are new to this term, click HERE as I've discussed this a few times before.