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Grape Seed Extract Reduces High Blood Pressure

So, it feels like it's been such a long time since I've been able to find some time to write about new studies. Well, I've had some time over the weekend to bang out a few posts and scheduled them over the couple weeks. So to kick off my first post of December (now that we're already halfway through it), I'll start by discussing a study that showed a grape seed extract reduced systolic blood pressure (BP) in middle aged adults.

I should point out that this study is a good lead into the webinar I'll be conducting later this week for healthfood retailers in Canada. Last note before discussing the study is that you'll notice I've started a monthly poll above. Please vote on the question to help me better understand the values and opinions of my readership and some of this may help me in my future product development projects.

...and now for the study...
Grapes have been used traditionally for their medicinal value for thousands of years. Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins which have been studied for their antioxidant potential in a number of health conditions. The vasodilator compounds found in GSE have been shown in previous studies to lower BP in subjects with metabolic syndrome, but effects on systolic and diastolic BP and pre-hypertension have been conflicting or inconclusive. 

In this study, 29 middle-aged adults with pre-hypertension consumed juice (containing 300 mg per day grape seed extract [GSE]) or a placebo twice daily for six weeks. Blood pressure (BP) was monitored and blood samples were collected during the intervention period and at four weeks afterwards.

Results found that GSE significantly reduced systolic BP by 5.6% after six weeks of intervention. Diastolic BP was also reduced but this was not significantly different from placebo at six weeks. BP returned to baseline four weeks after discontinuing GSE consumption. Further, subjects with the highest initial BP saw the most significant benefit.

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Source: Effects of grape seed extract beverage on blood pressure and metabolic indices in individuals with pre-hypertension: a randomised, double-blinded, two-arm, parallel, placebo-controlled trial

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