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Cosmetic Chemicals Wrecking Havoc in Mammals

A new study highlighting the toxic chemicals in cosmetic products has found the negative effects go far beyond just those who apply them to their own skin. The study, points to a growing body of research supporting claims that compounds from such products are ending up in marine creatures such as otters and dolphins, that come into contact with such pollution.


Olive Oil Offers Protection from Air Pollution

According to a new study from the US Environment Protection Agency, dietary supplementation with olive oil may protect blood vessels from the deleterious effects of air pollution.

It's known that exposure to air pollution, and the tiny, microscopic particles from burning fuel in cars and other vehicles in particular, can affect the function of cells lining blood vessels (the endothelium) leading to endothelial dysfunction, which in turn could detrimentally affect cardiovascular health.


Is Coffee the Next Superfood?

According to a recent study from Harvard, researchers said drinkers of both fully caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee saw a lower risk of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, type-2 diabetes and even suicide.

The reason for this may be the
bioactive compounds in coffee, which have previously been shown to help reduce both insulin resistance and systematic inflammation.


Grape Seed Extract Reduces High Blood Pressure

So, it feels like it's been such a long time since I've been able to find some time to write about new studies. Well, I've had some time over the weekend to bang out a few posts and scheduled them over the couple weeks. So to kick off my first post of December (now that we're already halfway through it), I'll start by discussing a study that showed a grape seed extract reduced systolic blood pressure (BP) in middle aged adults.

I should point out that this study is a good lead into the webinar I'll be conducting later this week for healthfood retailers in Canada. Last note before discussing the study is that you'll notice I've started a monthly poll above. Please vote on the question to help me better understand the values and opinions of my readership and some of this may help me in my future product development projects.

...and now for the study...