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Krill Oil's Immune Benefits

A new krill oil study suggests that supplementation may strengthen immune function of healthy exercising adults. For this study, researchers recruited 37 healthy men and women with an average age of just under 26 y/o, who were then randomly assigned to either the placebo or experimental group (2 g/day of krill oil) for 6 weeks. All of the participants performed a simulated cycling time trial before and after the six week intervention period.


Winter Weather for Weight Loss & Health

Now you Know how she stays so slim.
I've previously written about brown fat (brown adipose tissue, or BAT), and this also receives considerable discussion in my book LIFE: The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria. We also know (and I've discussed in other posts in this blog) that we can influence white fat (white adipose tissue, or WAT) to turn brown(ish)...something that's been referred to as "beige fat."

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This new study looked at something new, although I'm surprised it's not something that's been studied extensively in the past. In this study, the researchers sought to determine if exposure to cold can influence the "browning" of WAT. Previous studies have shown that activity of brown fat is increased by a cold environment (activity of brown fat follows a cyclical pattern, reaching a high in winter when exposed to cold temperatures), while little is known of the response of WAT to the cold.


Excessive Iodine Linked to Thyroid Disease in Lactating Women

Iodine is an essential mineral for the synthesis of thyroid hormones required for normal growth – so obviously critical for the development of newborns. Deficiency during this period can cause growth delay, impaired hearing and reduced cognitive function.

Globally, 1.9 billion people have iodine deficiency, and is the most preventable cause of intellectual disability. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women are encouraged to increase their intake to compensate for loss through breastfeeding.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a daily intake of 250 μg/d for lactating women. This helps ensure both mother and child get enough, while the Universal Salt Iodization (USI) programme has also sought to control such deficiency in the general population.

However, according to researchers from China, few have delved into the possible adverse effects of over consumption of this trace element. Building on Korean research a few years back, the scientists looked at 343 healthy lactating women living in areas of China with either low, adequate or excessive iodine water content.


Is Only Krill Oil Sustainable?

Over one third (or 3.5 million tonnes) of fish stocks destined for fish oil supplements are ‘poorly managed’, a sustainability report of 24 fisheries has found. The report from NGO Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) rated 24 ‘reduction fisheries’ – stocks turned into fishmeal and fish oil – according to quality of management and status of the target stock using its public database of
fishery information, FishSource.

For many years I've been arguing that krill oil is far more sustainable than fish oil--providing evidence--and this is just another study that confirms it. In fact, this study went so far as to say the only fishery that received an "A" grade was an MSC-certified krill fishery, meaning the stocks were in ‘very good condition’.

Without going into the boring details of this study, it's important to separate fact from marketing BS. I know some highly respected fish oil brands that have gone on a very misleading anti-krill campaign, which in the end, only puts more negative pressure on fish oil stocks and fisheries, exacerbating the problem. To conclude this post, I'd lik to share with you a rebuttal I put together for the industry that exposes the lies put out by one particular brand, who I won't mention by name...


Microbiome of Children vs. Adults

The intestinal microbiome of children has distinct differences compared to that of the adult microbiome, says a new study. Now we already know that Bifidobacteria are found in greater proportions in children (which this study confirmed), but there are a number of other interesting findings that I'd like to share with you today.