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Giving to Charity Makes You Happy

So a couple weeks ago, I was fortunate and honoured to be a part of MitoCanada's charity event. I was able to sell a few books, and donated the proceeds to this wonderful organization.

What's great about this is that new research shows that giving to others not only makes us happier but can help lower our blood pressure. I'll talk about this new research in a minute, but first want to further support MitoCanada... with your help.

We are currently in the middle of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, which runs from September 20 through to 26 (this Saturday). If you purchase a book through the following link, I am donating the proceeds from every sale to MitoCanada.

All sales through the link above from September 20th through to 26th will be counted (unfortunately sales through any other site cannot be tracked so be sure to use the link above).

If there was ever a time you thought you'd like to buy my book and read it, now is probably the best time. Please spread the work and forward this page to your friends and family and help me support MitoCanada and their mission to raise awareness around mitochondrial disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, and support relevant research in the area.

Now for that new study...


Chocolate Consumption and Cardiovascular Risk

If your a subscriber, you may know one of my vices is good dark chocolate. You'll also know that it has many health benefits and among them is cardiovascular health benefits. So while this study is not new, I like to take any opportunity I can to share my excitement when I come across another chocolate study. For some of the others I've covered, click on the "chocolate" label below, or see some of the links posts below under Related posts.


Fermented Foods & Social Anxiety

A batch of our homemade kombucha
--the 'fairy-mother' (a.k.a. Erin) produces this.

Newer research suggests that a diet rich in fermented foods and beverages may be associated with social anxiety in young adults, especially those who are highly neurotic (which adds weight to the gut-brain axis)

The study included 710 students enrolled in introductory college courses in psychology. The
participants completed questionnaires about fermented food consumption, neuroticism, and social anxiety.


Painkiller Overdose a Leading Cause of Death

As if we didn't know this already, from all the media reports on painkiller abuse and overdoses. Nonetheless, this is a study that deserves some attention to illustrate the magnitude of the problem, which finds that drug overdose deaths continue to increase in the United States and are now the leading cause of deaths from injury in the US.