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Statins, Obesity, and Diabetic Complications

Numerous studies have now linked statin use (for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease) among healthy adults to an increased risk for diabetes, but now this new study also link it to a higher risk of diabetic complications and overweight/obesity

"Whereas the increased risk of diabetes with statins is well-known, the increased risk of diabetic complications has not been previously described," write the authors.

This study not only confirmed an increased risk for diabetes, but also there were more diabetic complications in the group taking statins. What's not clear, however, is if that is a result of the statins or just the patient population.

Statin use has long been associated with increased incidence of diabetes, but doctors have always maintained that the benefits of statin use outweigh this risk--but data on the long-term effects of these associations in a primary-prevention population are very limited.

The results also show that high-intensity statin therapy was associated with the highest risk of diabetes, diabetic complications, and overweight/obesity, thereby demonstrating a dose-response relationship. So if someone MUST take these drugs--and I would challenge that--taking the smallest dose possible seems prudent.
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Source: Statins and New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Complications: A Retrospective Cohort Study of US Healthy Adults 

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