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Coeliac Could be a Common Cause of Infertility

While there are many causes of female infertility, a newly published study suggests that women who don't have an identifiable reason for their failure to conceive should be screened for coeliac disease.

There is a lack of definitive evidence to say that celiac disease causes infertility, but there are many anecdotal experiences where women with infertility have conceived after being diagnosed with coeliac disease and put on a gluten-free diet.


Kidney Stones Linked to Higher Risk for Arterial Calcification

So last week I posted the study on vitamin K2 showing the potential to reverse arterial calcification. Here is a newly published related study. I should point out that back in 2011, I discussed the potential role of vitamin K in preventing calcium kidney stones (click HERE for that study), and now this study adds considerably more evidence to that train of thought.


Exercise Benefits Mitochondria in Diabetics

Here's a study somewhat related to the last one I discussed. The notion that mitochondria contribute to obesity-induced insulin resistance is not new, but there is debate around this since a mechanism hasn't been confirmed--only theorized. Therefore, the researchers behind this study determined if obese (BMI=33 kg/m(2)), insulin-resistant women with polycystic ovary syndrome had aberrant skeletal muscle mitochondrial physiology compared to lean, insulin-sensitive women (BMI=23 kg/m(2)).


Aerobic Activity Preserves Muscle Mitochondria

Maintenance of musculoskeletal function in older adults is critically important for preserving cardiorespiratory function and health span . Aerobic endurance training (ET) improves skeletal muscle metabolic function including age-related declines in mitochondrial function in the muscle . To further understand the underlying mechanism of enhanced muscle function with ET, researchers behind this study profiled the gene transcription patterns (mRNA levels) and determined the pathways associated with skeletal muscle aging in a cross-sectional study involving vastus lateralis muscle biopsy samples of four subgroups (young and old, trained, and untrained).


K2´s Reversal of Arterial Calcification Finally Published

Well, I was hoping I could be more consistent in my posts this year, but with almost 3 weeks of work-related travel...well, that explains the 3 week gap since my last post. So let's pick things back up and feed that brain of yours with the "Know, L. edge."  :)

It's been almost 3 years now since I discussed the preliminary results of a study that suggested MK-7 (a form of vitamin K2) can reverse preexisting calcification in the arteries--considered by some to be the Holy Grail of cardiology. HERE is that study.