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Alpha-Lipoic Acid Helps Restore Brain Metabolism

Here's a short post to end the week. This study examined the progress of a hypometabolic state (reduced energy production) inherent in brain aging with a rat model. Dynamic microPET scanning demonstrated a significant decline in brain glucose uptake at old ages, which was associated with a decrease in the expression of insulin-sensitive neuronal glucose transporters and of microvascular endothelium.

Brain aging was associated with an imbalance of insulin signaling and a down-regulation of the a pathway leading to mitochondrial biogenesis.

The researcher then found that R-(+)-lipoic acid treatment increased glucose uptake, restored the balance of insulin signaling, and enhanced mitochondrial bioenergetics and biogenesis.

They conclude, "it may be surmised that impairment of a mitochondria-cytosol-nucleus communication is underlying the progression of the age-related hypometabolic state in brain; the effects of lipoic acid are not organelle-limited but reside on the functional and effective coordination of this communication that results in improved energy metabolism."

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Source: Lipoic Acid Restores Age-Associated Impairment of Brain Energy Metabolism through the Modulation of Akt/JNK Signaling and PGC1α Transcriptional Pathway

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