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Sunscreen Chemicals Linked to Male Infertility

A recently published study has shown that certain chemicals used in sunscreens to protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays can impair a man's ability to father children. Earlier research findings from the same Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE) Study have linked reduced fertility to high cholesterol levels in women and couples and to high concentrations of phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA) in men.

Now this study adds to a growing list of chemicals used in everyday products that affect not only our environment, but human health too (which is logical since human health is critically dependent on environmental health). This study is released just in time too, since many in Canada will be heading south over the next couple weeks to soak up the sun during the holiday season. Here is more incentive to choose natural alternatives, or better yet stay in the shade (and just top up on vitamin D with just a few minutes daily of sun exposure).


Inhibit Serotonin to Help Burn Fat

A newly published adds more insight into how we can regulate brown fat (brown adipose tissue, or BAT), which was discussed in some detail in my recent book, LIFE - The Epic Story of Our Mitochondria. This study comes out of McMaster University in Hamilton--not too far from me--and suggests we can turn back the clock on the body's metabolism to that of teenagers, when we could eat all the high-calorie junk we wanted, and still stay slim/buff.


Could Alzheimer's Patients Benefit from Marijuana?

It's time to celebrate Chanukah...and smoke your marijuan-ukha

I'm often asked about how marijuana can have such wonderful potential benefits to the brain and cognitive health, when on the surface--from its recreational use and stigma/government propaganda--most people would think it does the opposite. Well, here is a recently published study that shows how it can possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and/or slow it's progression.

In fact, this isn't the first study I covered on this topic, and almost exactly a year ago, I covered another study that suggested marijuana could prevent Alzheimer's, so the evidence is slowly building, and it appears quite positive.


Exercise for Stress-Induced Depression

We all know by now how healthy regular physical activity is. We also know that it's one of the best anti-depressants known, and there are various reasons for its benefits. First are the endorphins, those compounds produced in our body that act as effective pain-killers and responsible for the “runner’s high.” Next, came the endocannabinoids, the pleasure-inducing molecules released during hard exercise that provide benefits to numerous body systems, including the brain.

Now, decades after scientists first speculated on the effects of exercise on the brain, researchers have discovered a new reason to get active: exercise not only feels good, it protects the brain from depression.


Bacterial Influence on the BBB

We now have enough evidence to know that the health of the gut, and more specifically its microbiome, has significant effects on the brain and cognition. Here is a new study that looks at how the intestinal microbiome can protect the brain from toxic substances.