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Dietary Modulation of the Microbiome and Autoinflammatory Diseases

Since the only show I watch is the Bachelor/Bachelorette... :)
...I didn't know about David Garibaldi (was a contestant on America's Got Talent) until my partner showed me some videos. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you got to check him out. There are many portraits he's done, but for this post, I chose a person famously known for one of my favourite subjects.

Check out some of his other videos too. Incredible! Now back to the program...

Just like the last study I posted discussed how the food we eat can alter the intestinal microbiome, here is another one that showed one's diet may alter susceptibility to autoinflammatory bone disease by changing the intestinal bacteria balance.

In this study on mice, the researchers found that a diet that limited growth of the intestinal bacteria of the genus Prevotella also protected the mice from developing osteomyelitis and reduced the production of the compounds that promoted inflammation. Meanwhile, transplanting the intestinal microbiome from healthy mice into the at-risk, experimental mice appeared to help protect them from osteomyelitis.
These results help explain how environmental factors like diet and lifestyle can influence susceptibility to autoinflammatory diseases. One of those ways seems to be by shaping the
composition of the gut microbiome, which we know plays an intricate role in immune regulation.

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Source: Dietary modulation of the microbiome affects autoinflammatory disease

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