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Bacopa's Antioxidant Benefits

Here's a new study that adds weight to one of Bacopa's mechanism of action (Bacopa is a botanical used for 1000s of years in traditional medicine in India). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a major free-radical produced during oxidative stress and is toxic to the cells. Hence, H2O2 has been extensively used to study the effects of antioxidant and cytoprotective role of phytochemicals. In this new study, H2O2 was used to induce oxidative stress via free-radical production, and the protective effects of Bacopa were investigated.

Through various methods, the results concluded that  Bacopa possesses free-radical scavenging activity. Further, the protective potency of the Bacopa ameliorated the mitochondrial and plasma
membrane damage induced by H2O2, which normally induces cellular, nuclear and mitochondrial membrane damage. H2O2-induced antioxidant depletion was also replenished by Bacopa pre-treatment.

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Source: Cytoprotective propensity of Bacopa monniera against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative damage in neuronal and lung epithelial cells.

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