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New Study: Organic vs. Conventional Foods

The question of whether organically-grown foods offer any nutritional benefit has been hotly debated for many years. In my opinion, this is an issue "developed" by Big Agri and the biotech industries to shift focus from the central environmental issues, and focus on vitamins and mineral content. Of course, one would logically think that organic foods--based on the fact they improve soil conditions--would be more nutritionally sound, but the research has not be convincing (mind you, if you're just looking at vitamins and minerals, your overlooking the 100s of other beneficial compounds in the food).


Probiotics Help to Lower Blood Pressure

A new meta-analysis has shown that probiotics can lower blood pressure to a small--but statistically significant--degree. This is positive news since even a small reduction of blood pressure may have important cardiovascular health benefit.

This new meta-analysis included nine clinical trials with 543 participants. Probiotic species used were varied among the trials, and the studies lasted three to nine weeks. 


Feel Pain When Walking? Try Dark Chocolate!

Here's another new study linking to two passions of mine: dark chocolate and mitochondria. Mitochondria are very susceptible to damage from free-radicals, and the primary site for free-radical production in the electron transport chain (the series of complexes in the mitochondria responsible for energy production) is Complex I.


Omega-3s for Mitochondrial Function & Alzheimer's Prevention

Here is a quick post to discuss more reason to take your omega-3 supplements (krill oil, fish oil, etc.) This study investigated the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on mitochondrial function and processing of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) in brains of young and aged mice.