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Antioxidants Alter Gene Expression

Here is a new study that confirms what I've been saying about "antioxidants" over the last few years now. Since free-radicals are typically seen as bad (but not always, as I recently discussed HERE), many started pumping themselves full of antioxidants with the assumption they would mop up those harmful molecules. Of course, much of this was based on in vitro studies (test tube or laboratory studies), and most with even a small understanding of the human body would quickly realize that you can't use what happens in a test tube as a reliable indication of what happens in a living biological system.


Melatonin for Diabetes and Weight Loss?

I know most think of melatonin as a sleep aid, and that's mostly right, but it's been studied for far more than that. Take for instance, this newly published animal study that shows it's potential for diabetic patients and as an ingredient for weight loss.


Free-Radicals Extend Life?!

For most, understanding the basics behind the Free-Radical Theory of Ageing would lead you to believe that free-radicals are bad. And for the most part, that's right--free-radicals cause critical damage to membranes, proteins, fatty acids, DNA, etc. However, if you remember me saying that nothing is 100% good and nothing is 100% bad, it's true for free-radicals as well. In fact, this is a significant point of discussion in my soon-to-be-published book (yes, my first book! ...excited!).