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CoQ10 May Reverse Cognitive Deficits in Menopause

Now, before anyone gets too excited, I have to make it clear that this was just a study on mice, but does add confirmatory evidence to other studies that also suggest CoQ10 has the potential to improve cognition (and not just in menopausal women).

The mechanisms associated with cognitive decline in a post-menopausal state (driven by a loss of ovarian function and reduced estrogen levels) are not well understood. The aim of this present study was to investigate the role of mitochondrial dysfunctions in cognitive impairment in post-menopausal state and to evaluate the protective effect of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

To conduct this study, researchers surgically-induced menopause in a group of mice, and found a significant decline in cognitive functions (assessed by the Morris water maze and elevated plus maze tests). Further, the activity of the various components of the mitochondrial electron transport chain was significantly reduced in these mice, and this was accompanied by higher levels of oxidative stress, and a number of other adverse things. The levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase (the body's three primary enzymatic antioxidants) were observed to be significantly lower.

Administration of daily CoQ10 for 4weeks was found to reverse cognitive deficits observed in the menopausal mice. CoQ10 supplementation also mitigated the mitochondrial dysfunctions and oxidative stress. The researchers concluded that this data indicates that CoQ10 improves cognitive decline in the post-menopausal state by modulating mitochondrial functions and oxidative stress.

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Source: Coenzyme Q10 treatment ameliorates cognitive deficits by modulating mitochondrial functions in surgically induced menopause

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