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Calorie-Restriction May Extend Human Lifespan

Here's a really cool and exciting study that was published last week. If you haven't heard about calorie-restriction, it's the only proven way to extend lifespan across numerous species, from single-celled yeast, to insects (like fruit flies), to rodents (like rats). This is where calorie intake is restricted to about 30-40% less than what you would normally consume if you were able to just eat as much as you desired (while continuing to provide all the necessary nutrients--a key differentiation between calorie-restriction and malnutrition/starvation).

However, confirming that this could happen in humans was a far leap. In 2012, the first long-term study was published on monkeys, which didn't show benefits to calorie-restriction. However, there are reasons for this, and the researchers behind this newly published study suggest that the control group monkeys in the 2012 study were also inadvertently calorie-restricted due to the study's design.