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Physical Activity and CoQ10 Status in our Elders

Here's a quick summary of a study that showed being physically active can impact CoQ10 levels, and of course health conditions linked to CoQ10.

This study involved a group of healthy, community-dwelling elderly people who were divided according to gender and fitness. Results revealed that people with higher levels of functional capacity had lower levels of cholesterol and lipid peroxidation. Further, they had higher levels of CoQ10 in their plasma, and the ratio of CoQ10/cholesterol and CoQ10/LDL were higher as well.

Those who were not physically active and were obesity, on the other hand, had lower levels of CoQ10 and higher MDA levels (an indicator of oxidative stress) in the plasma. This association was found to be stronger in women.

The researchers concluded, "Our data demonstrate for the first time that physical activity at advanced age can increase the levels of Q10 and lower the levels of lipid peroxidation in plasma, probably reducing the progression of cardiovascular diseases.

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Source: Relationship between functional capacity and body mass index with plasma coenzyme Q10 and oxidative damage in community-dwelling elderly-people

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