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Another Study Confirms Pantethine Lowers Cholesterol

Back in 2011, I covered a study that showed pantethine (the metabolically active form of B5) can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. This study is just more confirmation of that (and other previous studies).

This study investigated the efficacy of pantethine on cardiovascular risk markers in a randomized, triple-blinded, placebo-controlled study, in a North American population with low to moderate cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. Each volunteer in the study was eligible for statin therapy based on the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines.

A total of 32 subjects were randomized to pantethine (600 mg/day from weeks 1 to 8 and 900 mg/day from weeks 9 to16) or placebo. Compared with placebo, the participants on pantethine showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol at 16 weeks and LDL at 8 and 16 weeks.

An 11% decrease in LDL from baseline was seen in participants on pantethine, at weeks 4, 8, 12, and 16, while participants on placebo showed a 3% increase at week 16. This difference was statistically significant between groups at weeks 8 and 16. The homocysteine levels for both groups did not change significantly from baseline to week 16. Coenzyme Q10 significantly increased from baseline to week 4 and remained elevated until week 16, in both the pantethine and placebo groups.

After 16 weeks, the participants on placebo did not show significant improvement in any CVD risk end points. This study confirms that pantethine lowers cardiovascular risk markers in low to moderate CVD risk participants eligible for statins according to NCEP guidelines.

So, just another tool, albeit not so well known, to help lower cholesterol and manage cardiovascular risk.

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Source: Pantethine, a derivative of vitamin B5, favorably alters total, LDL and non-HDL cholesterol in low to moderate cardiovascular risk subjects eligible for statin therapy: a triple-blinded placebo and diet-controlled investigation

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