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Thiamine May Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Ok, so the next few posts are going to be short and sweet. This study was just an in vitro study, but I cover it here since we know the pharmacology/pharmacokinetics of thiamine (vitamin B1). This means it's a relatively smaller step to extrapolate these results to its potential benefit in humans.

This study involved pancreatic cancer cells, and high dose thiamine was found to reduce "cancer cell proliferation by a mechanism similar to that described for dichloroacetate" (DCA). Administration of thiamine was found to exhibit a lower IC50 value, as compared to DCA, and both thiamine and DCA reduced the extent of PDH phosphorylation, reduced glucose consumption, lactate production, and mitochondrial membrane potential, and increases caspase-3 activity.

Basically, this means that thiamine was effective at inhibiting the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.

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Source: High-dose vitamin B1 reduces proliferation incancer cell lines analogous to dichloroacetate

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