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High Dose CoQ10 for Parkinson's Disease

For those familiar with the use of CoQ10 in Parkinson's Disease, or heard me discuss this during a seminar or presentation, you may remember that the dose for this neurological condition can go as high as 3000 mg per day! One published study even used 3600 mg daily. Comparatively, this study used lower doses, but still in line with most research in this area where the effective dose falls in the 1200-3000 mg/day range.

In this open-label, dose-escalation study involving 16 subjects with early idiopathic Parkinson disease, high dose CoQ10 was found to have beneficial effects. Subjects were given increasing doses of CoQ10. Each consumed for 2 weeks 400 mg/d; 800 mg/d; 1200 mg/d; and finally 2400 mg/d. Improvements in total Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (median: 37 vs 27) were observed following completion of the study, and all doses of CoQ10 were well tolerated. 

At the 400-1200 mg/d dose, plasma F2-isoprostanes (adjusted for arachidonate) were significantly reduced, and a similar pattern of change was found with serum phospholipase A2 activities. Don't worry so much about these details (which measure oxidative damage), other than knowing that these were positive benefits (although I'm surprised that even a low dose like 400 mg/d provided benefits).

The subjects who experienced the most improvement in symptoms with CoQ10 administration were found to have had lower plasma ubiquinol levels and decreased F2-isoprostanes (per unit arachidonate) at baseline. These results suggest coenzyme Q10 may indeed benefit patients with Parkinson's, and that therapeutic response may be influenced by "baseline levels of ubiquinol and whether the dosage of CoQ10 used is capable to ameliorate the burden of oxidative damage."

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Source: Effects of high-dose coenzyme Q10 on biomarkersof oxidative damage and clinical outcomes in Parkinson disease

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