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Heart Patients' Memory Problems

Similar to THIS study I covered last year, another new study is confirming the link between a healthy heart and healthy brain--or more specifically, a bad heart and a bad brain.

In this new study, almost half of the 912 people in the study (with heart failure and who were at least 70 years old) had memory loss--but in most cases, their cardiologists failed to recognize the cognitive impairment.

Outside of the obvious detriment to cognitive function and quality of life, memory loss may forget to take their medications, miss their appointments, and/or not make the recommended diet/lifestyle changes.

This isn't the first study to find this link. Previous studies have also linked heart disease to memory loss. Recently, for example, another study found the older women with a history of heart trouble were more likely to develop memory problems than women with healthy hearts. Other studies showed cardiologists significantly underestimated patients' memory problems.

So if you've got heart problems, check you cognitive health! ...and vice versa.

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Source: Prevalence of Memory Disorders in Ambulatory Patients Aged 70 Years and Older With Chronic Heart Failure (from the EFICARE Study)

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