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Coconut Oil Protects From Antibiotic-Induced Liver Damage

A new animal study has found that virgin coconut oil can protect the liver from toxic antibiotic drugs. In this study, rats were divided into four groups depending on what was administered:
  1. control group (received nothing)
  2. a group that received a broad-spectrum antibiotic only
  3. another group that received virgin coconut oil only
  4. the last group received both the antibiotic and the virgin coconut oil
As expected, there was no liver damage in the control group or coconut oil group. However, the group receiving the antibiotic saw adverse effects to their liver. Up until this point, everything went as one would expect, but the surprising results were that the group receiving both the antibiotic and coconut oil did not show any liver damage, which suggested that the coconut oil protected the liver from the toxic effects of the drug.

The health benefits of coconut oil seem to be mounting with each successive study completed. I would love to see this study repeated on human subjects taking drugs known to be hard on the liver--like acetaminophen (Tylenol), statin drugs, etc.--alcohol consumption, or even those with viral hepatitis infection.

So use more coconut oil! For example, if you're not using coconut oil in place of butter in your pancakes...OMG, you haven't lived yet!

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Source: Virgin coconut oil protects against liver damage in albino rats challenged with the anti-folate combination, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

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