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Vitamin D3 May Prevent Need for Antibiotics

Ok, so I'm reporting on this study about a month after it was published, but I think it's still new enough to discuss here--especially in light of the last study I covered.

This was a small pilot study that randomized 644 subjects (60-84 years of age) to receive one of three treatments:
  1. 60,000 IU/month vitamin D3 (an average of 2000 IU/day)
  2. 30,000 IU/month vitamin D3 (an average of 1000 IU/day)
  3. a placebo

Those given 60,000 IU/month were found to have a 28% lower risk of having antibiotics prescribed at least once during the 12-month study period (compared to the placebo group). When stratified for age, those 70 years of age or older were found to have a 47% reduction in antibiotic use in the high-dose vitamin D group, as compared with the placebo.

The authors conclude, "Although this study was a post hoc analysis and statistically nonsignificant, this trial lends some support to the hypothesis that supplementation with 60,000 IU vitamin D/mo is associated with lower risk of infection, particularly in older adults."

So this basically confirms what I said a couple days ago, that most evidence would point to 2000 IU/day as being the minimum dose needed to see an immune response for most.

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Source: Effect of vitamin D supplementation on antibiotic use: a randomized controlled trial

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