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Tiny Study Confirms CoQ10 for Fibromyalgia

Here is a new study on something I've covered by much better designed studies in the past. In fact, this was a teeny-weeny study of just 4 patients (so almost useless), but does confirm larger studies that found similar results.

This study involved four patients with fibromyalgia, all of whom were found to have a deficiency of CoQ10. Oral supplementation with CoQ10 was found to be associated with improvements in clinical symptoms, which confirm CoQ10 may be of benefit to patients with fibromyalgia.

That's is for this one. A tiny study gets a tiny write-up.

Oh, BTW...it's November 11th, don't forget to remember. In mean, all we are saying is give Peace a chance.

...and talking about remembering (and I know I'm going to date myself here...no, not like a candle-lit dinner by myself), but remember this?!

LOL...what kind of sickness is this?!?! Would this even be legal now?! This is what the world would be watching if the Nazis had won the war.

Instead, we got this totally trippy stuff instead...

Ahhh...the good ol' days. They don't make kid's TV like they used to.

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Source: Effect of coenzyme Q10 evaluated by 1990 and 2010 ACR Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia and SCL-90-R: Four case reports and literature review 

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  1. I think a lot of small studies done by different researchers in different countries confirming the same idea are in some ways better than large scale drug industry research where large multimillion $ / £ grants have been paid to universities to produce results which will make the industry lots of money.
    Useful article in the Economist on the problem
    How science goes wrong Scientific research has changed the world. Now it needs to change itself


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