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Chocolate for Weight Loss?

Should have ate more chocolate!
So fresh out of the Halloween debauchery, I'm sure many of you are feeling rather bad about stuffing your face with candy. Well, cheer up... here's another study that confirms earlier research showing that chocolate consumption is linked to lower body mass index (BMI) and slimmer waists.

This new study determined the chocolate intake of 1458 European adolescents aged 12.5-17.5. These teen participants were asked to enter their food intake into a computer on two non-consecutive days. However, in my opinion, the main flaw of the study was that "chocolate" was considered as any product where chocolate was the main component. This included things not typically seen as real chocolate, like pralines, chocolate spread, and even candy bars (where chocolate is usually only part of the coating). The researcher also didn't differentiate between dark, milk and white chocolate. BMI was calculated for each participant as well as adiposity (amount of body fat) and waist circumference.

The study found that those adolescents eating at least 42.6 g of chocolate daily not only had lower BMIs, but were more physically active and had higher energy levels than those consuming an average of 4.7 g per daily. The results showed this was true regardless of sex, age, sexual maturation, or even high consumption of other flavonoid-rich foods/drinks (like tea, coffee, fruits, and vegetables). 


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Source: Association between chocolate consumption and fatness in European adolescents

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  1. that's a flawed study. I suspect the scientist was paid by Cadbury or Hersheys. And teenagers, really? They're not even fully developed and lose weight just by opening their mouths. Silly thing.

    1. I'd be surprised if it were either of those...but could have very well been Mars behind the study. That's not a bad thing though...Mars is behind a lot of the research into the health benefits of chocolate over the last couple decades or so.

      Also, even though this group does have high metabolism, keep in mind that they compared individuals within the same age group. The validity of the results would fall apart if they were comparing this teenage group with with middle-aged people, but this was not the case.

      I think this is a very weak study overall, but it does confirm previous research.


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