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Mediterranean Diet Meta-Analysis

Happy Halloween! So on a day many will be consuming lots of sugary candy and junk food, here's a new meta-analysis on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

This study found that adherence to a Mediterranean diet can help prevent numerous conditions linked to an aging brain, including decline in cognitive function, depression and stroke.

High adherence to this healthy dietary pattern, was associated with reduced stroke, cognitive impairment, and depression. Moderate adherence also seemed to offer some protection from depression cognitive impairment, but its protective effect on stroke was diminished. However, when broken down by sex, the protective effect against stroke was stronger among males. Also, the benefits of moderate adherence against depression seemed to fade away with advancing age.

Further, the researchers revealed that the Mediterranean diet was found to be protective for both mild and advanced cognitive decline. The finding was also valid for Alzheimer's disease (interestingly, depression is a risk factor for Alzheimer's, so the results confirm each other)

"Given the limited availability of pharmaceutical agents to treat cognitive impairment, cognitive decline, and stroke, one could argue for the importance of preventive measures, such as a healthy dietary regime, to diminish the risk of mild and advanced cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease, depression, and stroke," wrote the researchers.

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