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Keratin Shows Promise Against Osteoarthritis

First there was glucosamine, then eggshell membrane. It looks as if keratin could be the new superstar ingredient in the joint health category, and another published human study adds more support for its use.

The branded ingredient used in the latest study was Cynatine FLX (500 mg/day), which was administered to 50 men and women with knee osteoarthritis for 60 days in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Cynatine FLX was associated with significant reductions in pain and stiffness. The kerratin ingredient also acted faster than anything comparable in the natural health products industry. Those who took Cynatine FLX reported 13% improvement in pain and 19.4% improvement in stiffness within only 6 days.

For the uninitiated, the kerratin ingredient is derived from sheep wool (in the case of Cynatine, sheep from New Zealand). It's shown to stimulate the synthesis of proteoglycan, which helps prevent joint tissue breakdown (slowing the progression of osteoarthritis) and to build joint polymers (increasing shock absorption).

Source: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effect of Cynatine® FLX on Symptoms of Osteoarthritis


  1. Really interesting! I am quite impressed at the effectiveness of NEM, I would like to try kerratin. Is there a source here in Canada?

    1. A product called "Joint Restore" has just been launched in Canada. It's the only one I know of at this time containing Cynatine FLX.

      I really liked eggshell membrane too--worked really well. Interestingly, in a comparative study, it appeared that Cynatine FLX worked better than eggshell membrane, collagen, and glucosamine.

      I'm going to try it myself. Apparently Cynatine FLX is also amazing as a hair/skin/nail supplement...so at least I know I'll look pretty. :)


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