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Soda/Pop Linked to Aggression & Inattention in Kids

Another study has found that consumption of even one soft drink daily may be associated with increased negative behavior in young children. A study of almost 3000 5-year-olds showed that those who drank 1-4 pops daily (that's unbelievable! ...my 9-year old probably drinks 1 or 2 a year!) were significantly more aggressive than their peers who drank no soda. Further, those who consumed 2+ servings were more withdrawn, and those who drank 4+ servings had more attention problems. These associations remained even after the researchers adjusted for candy or fruit juice consumption and for a variety of social factors.

According to the researchers, more pop per capita is sold in the US than in any other country, and past research has suggested its consumption is linked to aggression, depression, and even suicidal thoughts in adolescents.

Keep in mind that the group studied were 5-year olds. Why they are getting even one pop daily?! No one, even adults, should be consuming a daily pop. The occasional one is probably fairly harmless, but not daily.

Unfortunately, the researchers were not able to identify if these results were due to specific ingredients (such as caffeine, sugar, artificial colours or sweeteners, etc.), or if drinking pop means the kids aren't drinking more nutritious drinks or meals because they're full from the pop.
Source: Soft Drinks Consumption Is Associated with Behavior Problems in 5-Year-Olds

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1 comment:

  1. I think alot has to do with the sugar content, not sure carbonated juice/ is included in that mix... but I know that at U of T, then banned water bottles, and only sell pop. Can you believe this? I got into an argument with the student counsel saying to them, who made this stupid policy, they responded, do you know how much water bottles fill up landfill site? I responded,.. if thats why you banned water on campus (to reduce the carbon footprint of water bottles), what about pop bottles? Because now everyone cant find water and is now drinking pop and energy drinks... if you wanted to reduce the bottles in landfills, it didnt work, because instead of evian bottles, now there is coke bottles, on top,.. you now probably have a higher perecentage of students who are borderline diabetic because of the sugar content. lol. crazy eh? http://metronews.ca/news/211037/university-of-toronto-banning-bottled-water-sales-at-downtown-campus/

    But the pop is still available and infact the energy drink section is now 4x the size it used to be, maybee you should write about this as this is something that totally doesnt make sense. Anyways enough of my ranting, take care


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