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An Interesting Study Linking Gut Bacteria to Obesity

Here's a really brief post on a really interesting new probiotic study.

In a new study, when researchers transplanted gut bacteria from obese humans into "uncolonized" mice, it led to greater weight gain and fat accumulation than in mice that were given gut bacteria from lean humans. The findings add even more evidence that microbes in the gut influence the physical and metabolic traits of their host--in this case, showing weight and fat gain is influenced by these bacteria.

This isn't the first time I discussed probiotics and obesity. So have a look around this website and read up on a number of other interesting studies. Some previous studies I covered:

These types of studies could be used one day to develop a bacterial approach to obesity and weight management.

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Source: Gut Microbiota from Twins Discordant for Obesity Modulate Metabolism in Mice 

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