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L-Carnitine May Benefit in vitro Fertilization

Alright, today I'll quickly discuss a study that looked at the potential for using L-carnitine supplementation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). L-carnitine has been studied to a much greater extent in men with fertility issues, but not so much in women (BTW, I've scheduled another L-carnitine study--this time on male infertility--for Friday).

This study involved 44 women undergoing IVF cycles and 18 women of similar age as a control group (admitted for minor elective surgery). Levels of serum free carnitine and acyclcarnitines were similar in IVF patients as compared to controls. To make a long story short, the authors conclude, "In IVF patients with better reproductive potential, the carnitine/acylcarnitine pathway appears to be upregulated [and] that may result in excess carintine consumption and relative depletion of carnitine pool. Consequently, IVF patients may benefit from carnitine supplementation."

Source: Acylcarnitine esters profiling of serum and follicular fluid in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization

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