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CoQ10 as Good as Pharmaceuticals for Heart Failure

This has shaped up to be a good week if you're a natural health product called CoQ10 (at least here at Know Guff). Following the last post discussing ubiquinol's potential benefit to elite athletes, here a new study showing it is just about as good as the best pharmaceuticals for patients with heart failure.

The great thing about this study is that is overcomes one of the biggest criticisms of previous positive studies--the lack of statistical power showing improved survival (even though the results were statistically significant). This long-term double blind, placebo-controlled study was designed to be a pharmaceutical-style gold-standard trial with sufficient statistical power.

The study split 420 patients (from Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, India, Malaysia and Australia) between a therapeutic group that received 100mg of CoQ10 three times daily (202 people) and a placebo group (218).

While after 3 months there was a trend towards reduced levels of NT-proBNP (a biomarker of heart failure) in the CoQ10 group, after two years, the results were as follows:
  • Significant improvement of the NYHA classification of heart failure severity in the CoQ10 group (meaning that the underlying condition actually improved)
  • Mortality and hospitalisations were lower in the CoQ10 group compared to placebo group
  • Only 14% in the CoQ10 group had a major adverse cardiovascular event (MACE), compared to 25% of patients in the placebo group.
  • 18 patients died in the CoQ10 group (9%) compared to 36 in the placebo group (17%).
Since fertility clinics are already using this with many female patients trying to get pregnant and also used in children with various health conditions (both considered high-risk patient groups), it was no surprise that side effects were virtually non-existent. It is one of the safest natural health products available (but best to talk to a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner if you're taking a blood thinner called warfarin).

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Source: The effect of coenzyme Q10 on morbidity and mortality in chronic heart failure. Results from the Q-SYMBIO study

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