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Magnesium and Ischemic Heart Disease

Magnesium is one of the best, yet commonly deficient, minerals the be utilized in cardiovascular conditions. However, previous studies on dietary magnesium and risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD) have yielded inconsistent results, in part because of a lack of direct measures of actual magnesium uptake (it's always been a relatively inaccurate estimate based on diet recall). Therefore, the researchers of this new study looked at urinary excretion of magnesium, an indicator of dietary magnesium uptake.

This study involved 7664 adult participants free of known cardiovascular disease, who were followed up with for a median of 10.5 years. During this time, low urinary magnesium excretion was found to be associated with an increased risk of ischemic heart disease. Mortality related to IHD was also increased (70% higher risk for those with the lowest intake versus highest intake of magnesium).

The authors state, "An increased dietary intake of magnesium, particularly in those with the lowest urinary magnesium, could reduce the risk of IHD."

Source: Urinary and plasma magnesium and risk of ischemic heart disease

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