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The Land of Milk and Honey is Not Good for Acne

Wow...finally some common sense entering the picture. A new study on acne is confirming what we all intrinsically know, that diet has an influence on skin conditions, including acne.

It's really bizarre because on one hand, we have dermatologists who are highly educated professionals, and on the other hand we have common sense. As a previous patient to dermatologists, and speaking to friends, it's obvious that dermatologists have lost their common sense. This profession had, for a long time, claimed that diet has no impact on acne. What?! Diet is one of the most important aspects of whole-body health. Isn't this something we all learn as kids? My son knew the importance of diet on health when he was Grade 1--there's no way he should be smarter and more logical than a doctor who's been in school for decades.

This new study pooled information from more than 50 years of acne research and found that 1) high glycaemic index/load diets, and 2) frequent dairy consumption are the leading dietary factors in aggravating acne.

While the evidence suggests that diet may influence or aggravate acne, the research team also notes (based on study results over the last 10 years) that diet does not cause acne.

“The medical community should not dismiss the possibility of diet therapy as an adjunct treatment for acne,” said the lead researcher.

Sounds like good ol' fashion common sense to me.

Source: Acne: The Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy

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