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Does L-Carnitine Help with Weight Loss?

Here's an interesting study that confirms--almost exactly--what I tell people when they ask me about the use of L-carnitine for weight loss. If you don't know about this amino acid (and you can read more from the links below), L-carnitine is used to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria (the energy-producing parts of our cells) so that the fatty acids can be used to produce energy.


Folate and B12 Deficiencies Common in Autism Spectrum Disorders

A new study involving 40 children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and 40 controls, found significantly lower levels of folate and vitamin B12 in the children with ASD (compared to the controls). Interestingly, another recently published study, which I didn't cover (since it was well-covered by many, many others), also found that folic acid supplementation during the prenatal period reduced the risk of autism in children.


The Land of Milk and Honey is Not Good for Acne

Wow...finally some common sense entering the picture. A new study on acne is confirming what we all intrinsically know, that diet has an influence on skin conditions, including acne.

It's really bizarre because on one hand, we have dermatologists who are highly educated professionals, and on the other hand we have common sense. As a previous patient to dermatologists, and speaking to friends, it's obvious that dermatologists have lost their common sense. This profession had, for a long time, claimed that diet has no impact on acne. What?! Diet is one of the most important aspects of whole-body health. Isn't this something we all learn as kids? My son knew the importance of diet on health when he was Grade 1--there's no way he should be smarter and more logical than a doctor who's been in school for decades.


Canadians' Vitamin D Levels are Falling!

So as a follow-up to my post on Friday regarding the potential for vitamin D to treat Alzheimer's disease, and all the other benefits that have been studied over the last decade, the latest statistics coming out of Canada, my home and native land, show that our vitamin D levels are falling! WTF?!

Are people that lazy that they can't go to a healthfood store and pick up an inexpensive bottle of vitamin D and supplement?! There should be NO reason why our vitamin D levels are falling in this day and age.

According to data from Statistics Canada, vitamin D levels for Canadians is declining significantly. The mean average vitamin D blood levels for Canadians between the ages of 6 and 79 years of age plunged to just 63.5 nmol/L in 2011 (a 6.2% drop from 67.7 nmol/L in 2009).


Do Vegetarian Diets Harm the Environment?

I'd like to clear up some "guff" that's been circulating in some publications. A new study out of France suggested that a nutritious diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables might not be the greenest in its environmental credentials.

In the study, the diets of 1918 French adults were analysed and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by producing the plants, fish, meat, fowl and other ingredients were calculated. From the results, the researchers challenge the widely held belief that a healthy planet = healthy people (and vice versa).

DHA (Omega-3) & Vitamin D Clear Plaques in Alzheimer's Disease

So I've covered a few similar studies in the past, both on omega-3's and vitamin D's beneficial effects on helping to clear amyloid beta plaques, which are a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this new study, the researchers took blood samples from both AD patients and healthy controls, then isolated critical immune cells called macrophages from the blood.

Macrophages are responsible for eating-up amyloid beta and other waste products in the brain and body. The team incubated the macrophages with amyloid-beta and added either an active form of vitamin D3 (1alpha,25–dihydroxyvitamin D3) or an active form of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (resolvin D1) to some of the cells to gauge the effect they had on inflammation and amyloid beta absorption.


Calcium Again Linked to Increased Heart Attack Risk

So, in direct conflict with the last post, and last study I discussed, here is another study that showed calcium intake being associated with an increased risk of heart attacks..

The data comes from over 61,000 Swedish women enrolled in the Swedish Mammography study that followed them for an average of 19 years. Dietary intake was assessed using food frequency questionnaires at baseline (between 1987 and 1990) and again in 1997, and calcium intakes were estimated by adding together dietary and supplemental calcium sources.


Calcium Supplements Safe for Women

Here is a very short post to quickly discuss a new study that's confirmed the most recent study calcium - heart attack link, published late 2012, which showed calcium supplements are indeed safe to consume and that no direct causal effect has ever been found between calcium supplements and cardiovascular disease.

Not only did this new study show no adverse cardiovascular link with calcium and vitamin D supplements in women, but it found that those who supplemented had a 38% lower risk of hip fracture. Further, the data even suggested that there may also be a reduced risk of breast cancer (although results were inconclusive).

The data came from the Women's Health Initiative that looked at over 36,000 postmenopausal women over a 12-year span.

So continue to take your calcium supplements, but remember to consume adequate amounts of vitamin K!

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Source: Health risks and benefits from calcium and vitamin D supplementation: Women's Health Initiative clinical trial and cohort study

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