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Dis Berry, Berry Helty por Women

That's Korean for "this is very, very healthy for women."  ;)

I covered another study on the cardiovascular benefits of berries a few months ago. Now here's a new one that adds more weight to their heart-healthy benefits. Epidemiological data from almost 94,000 women between 25 - 42 years of age indicates that the highest consumption of the blueberries and strawberries was associated with a one-third reduction in their risk of heart attack, compared to eating berries once a month or less. Interestingly, this was seen even in women who otherwise ate a diet rich in other fruits and vegetables.

Again, the researchers attribute the health benefits to the anthocyanin content of the berries, which may help dilate arteries, counter the buildup of plaque and provide other cardiovascular benefits.

So based on numerous studies now regarding berries' health benefits, make sure you incorporate these into you diet a few times a week. However, just be aware that tests continue to show that conventionally-grown berries contain high levels of pesticide/herbicide residues. When it comes to berries, certified-organic is your best bet (see below for articles related to this).

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Source: High Anthocyanin Intake Is Associated With a Reduced Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Young and Middle-Aged Women

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