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Zinc Improves Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

I guess everything slows down during the Holiday Season, and that's true for the studies coming out. However, I did find this one on zinc supplements to share.

In a randomized, controlled study involving 62 patients with chronic hepatitis C (CH) or liver cirrhosis (LC), found that long-term zinc supplementation therapy may improve liver pathology and reduce the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

The treatment group received about 33.3 mg oral zinc administered daily and the control group did not receive zinc. Changes in serum zinc concentrations and serum albumin concentrations were compared over 6 - 7 years of follow-up, as was the cumulative incidence of HCC, between the treatment and control groups. Long-term outcome of patients with CH or LC in terms of the cumulative probability of incidence of HCC were examined.

Results showed cumulative incidence of HCC was lower with administration of zinc, improvement of the condition of the liver, and no side effects. In subset of patients with low serum albumin concentrations at baseline, zinc therapy did not achieve an increase in serum zinc concentrations (simply because albumin is involved in zinc absorption). Findings indicate that zinc supplementation therapy may improve liver pathology and reduce the incidence of HCC.

Source: Zinc supplementation therapy improves the outcome of patients with chronic hepatitis C

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  1. Got to know about the advantages of zinc and its associated facts and also i came to know that it will help in preventing prostate cancer too, overall an informative post!!!


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