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Fish (but Not Fish Oil Supplements) Reduce Stroke Risk

Here is a study that confirms what I've been saying for the last 4 years or so... benefits of fish oil supplements are questionable. Rather than repeating myself, non-subscribers or those new to this website can read my discussion in these previous posts:
This newly published study was a meta-analysis of data from 800,000 individuals in 15 countries found fish consumption was associated with a reduction in the risk of cerebrovascular disease. However, the results also indicated that the highest average intakes of omega-3 fatty acids from  supplements, only had a very small effect on risk reduction.

Interestingly, levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the blood and fish oil supplements were not significantly associated with a reduced risk--again confirming that the benefits from fish come for the whole thing as nature intended, not a concentrated isolation of two omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

Damn, do I ever feel smart on occasion. Sometimes.  ;)

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Source: Association between fish consumption, long chain omega 3 fatty acids, and risk of cerebrovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis

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  1. so are you saying i shouldn't be taking epa-dha supplements?

    1. No, that's not necessarily what I'm suggesting. There is some good research on the benefits of EPA and DHA, but what I am saying is that a lot of what we believe are the benefits of fish oils come from epidemiological studies on people who consume fish. Eating fish is not the same as taking fish oils (as I've discussed in a handful of posts on this site already).

      You'll have to navigate your way through a lot of info/studies/posts on this website, but I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful information on the topic.

      As I also mentioned in here somewhere, this is why I prefer krill oil supplements (which is what I've been taking personally for the last 4 years or so). The studies show it's MUCH better than fish oil (even though you may think you're only getting very small amounts if you look at the label...but remember, it's not how much you put in the mouth, it's how much you absorb, and how readily your body uses what's absorbed.

      Stay healthy!


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