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Statins & Diabetes: Another Study Strengthens the Link

Statin therapy (e.g. Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) has been previously suggested to slightly increase the risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D). In this newly published study, researchers analyzed the use of statins (popular drugs to lower LDL cholesterol) and their relation to the incidence of T2D and changes in glucose metabolism among individuals at high risk for T2D.

The results showed that, while the incidence of T2D did not differ between the statin users and non-users, fasting glucose increased significantly in statin users compared to non-users.

The finding that fasting glucose increased in statin users despite lifestyle interventions suggests that the use of these common pharmaceuticals might have unfavourable effects on glucose metabolism and that statins might hamper beneficial effects of lifestyle intervention in people at high risk of T2D.

I previously covered a similar study that investigated this link. In that study, I made the link with vitamin D deficiency (induced by statins), and made reference to numerous studies linking vitamin D to diabetes.

The last post in September (just a couple weeks ago), I covered a study where ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) was shown to improve insulin secretion. As many of you may already know, statins also induce a CoQ10 deficiency. Since CoQ10 is essential in every cell's ability to produce cellular energy--which is needed for all facets of a living cell--a deficiency would compromise beta-cells' ability to secrete insulin (which is why the study found improved insulin secretion with ubiquinol supplementation).

So now with this study, we have more evidence showing the  link between statins and diabetes risk. When put into perspective with other studies, you can see that statins deplete the two essential nutrients required for proper beta-cell function (and insulin secretion), and the reason why I strongly recommend everyone on statins to be supplementing with vitamin D3 and CoQ10.

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Source: Do statins interfere with lifestyle intervention in the prevention of diabetes in primary healthcare? One-year follow-up of the FIN-D2D project

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  1. Hi Dr. Know,

    I thought I would forward this article on to you as I have just finished reading your latest topic and the linked article.

    I don't know what your parameters are for inclusion on your site but I thought this article was very informative (it even brings up the egg/cholesterol controversy!): http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/cholesterol-myths-may-surprise-you

    Maybe you can 'tweak' it for publication on your site. At the least, I am sure you can glean some good info from it.


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