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Omega-3s May Slow Biological Signs of Aging

A new study has show that consuming omega-3 supplements for four months may help to shift the balance of fatty acids in favour of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to counter biological signs of aging. The majority of overweight, but healthy, middle-aged and older participants who took the supplements altered the ratio of omega-3:omega-6 in a way that helped preserve the tiny segments of DNA known as telomeres.

Telomeres within many different cells are known to shorten over time as a consequence of aging.
In this study, lengthening of telomeres in leukocytes (white blood cells involved in the immune response) was most noticeable in those who increased the omega-3 to 6 ratio the greatest.

"The telomere finding is provocative in that it suggests the possibility that a nutritional supplement might actually make a difference in aging," said the lead author of the study.

The research team added that supplementation with omega-3 also reduced oxidative stress by around 15% compared to the placebo group. This was measured by levels of compounds called F2-isoprostanes, which is linked to a number of conditions that include heart and neurodegenerative diseases.
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Source: Omega-3 fatty acids, oxidative stress, and leukocyte telomere length: A randomized controlled trial

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