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Healthy Diet & Supplements Improve Sperm DNA

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This new study on male reproductive health would seem like common-sense to most, but some still don't see nutrition as being critical in all aspects of human health (yeah, I know, crazy eh?...but they do exists in large numbers).

The results of this new study on older men found that high intake of micronutrient was strongly associated with improved quality of sperm DNA.

The researchers found that men over 44 years of age who consumed the most vitamin C had 20% less DNA damage in their sperm compared to men age category who consumed the least. The same was true for vitamin E, zinc, and folate.

 "It appears that consuming more micronutrients such as vitamin C, E, folate and zinc helps turn back the clock for older men,” said the researchers.“We found that men ... who consumed at least the recommended dietary allowance of certain micronutrients had sperm with a similar amount of DNA damage as the sperm of younger men," they explained.

As more and more men (and women) choose to have children after the age of 35, the researchers believe their work comes at an important time. I didn't cover this, but in the last few weeks, there was another study that showed damaged sperm DNA was linked to mental/cognitive/neurological disorders in their kids.

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Source: Micronutrients intake is associated with improved sperm DNA quality in older men

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  1. Very newsworthy, thanks! We would love to hear about the study you mentioned regarding DNA linked to neuro disorders in kids.

    1. Here is the URL for the study you're looking for. The authors of the study are primarily linking the father's age to schizophrenia and autism (and I guess by default, ASD).

      While an older mom has been linked to things like trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), this study lends more weight to older dads being linked to cognitive-related issues.


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