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Coffee Could Prevent Colon Cancer

Another study shows coffee's potential to prevent cancer–this time colorectal cancer.

Using data from 489,706 men and women taking part in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study, researchers analysed information from self-administered questionnaires of demographics diet and lifestyle. The researchers followed the participants for an average of 10.5 years and found approximately 16% of participants drank four or more cups of coffee per day.

Compared with non-drinkers, those who drank at least 4 cups of coffee daily and had a lower risk of colon cancer (particularly proximal tumours). The data revealed that drinking 4-6 cups daily lowered colon cancer risk by 15% compared to non-drinkers. Among those who drank at least 6 cups daily, the risk was 24% lower.

The research team noted that drinking decaffeinated coffee appeared to have some beneficial effect, although the benefit was not as strong. Interestingly, drinking tea had no observable effect.

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Source: Caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee and tea intakes and risk of colorectal cancer in a large prospective study

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