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Chocolate Improves Brain Health and Mood

A new scientific review of previous studies on chocolate's health benefits has concluded that chocolate can improve brain functioning and mood. 

There is now plenty of evidence to support cocoa flavanols in boosting various aspects of cognitive function. Epicatechin, the main flavonoid in cocoa, was likely responsible for such effects. The darker the chocolate, the higher the epicatechin content (this was the compound related to increased physical endurance in THIS study).

Perhaps not surprisingly, “Chocolate also induces positive effects on mood and is often consumed under emotional stress,” added the author of the study. She said that chocolate could stimulate the release of endorphins, which enhance the pleasure of eating.

Source: The neuroprotective effects of cocoa flavanol and its influence on cognitive performance

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  1. are you digging into the archives ;-) seems like déjà vu....

    1. No, it's definitely a new study. Maybe you need more chocolate to fine-tune that brain of yours. :)

    2. Trust me, I don't! Matter of fact, I just had 2 pieces earlier and if anything, I need less not more.


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