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African Americans Need 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 Daily

Today, I'm covering two separate studies on vitamin D. Click HERE to read the other.

Over 90% of African Americans may have vitamin D deficiency, and according to a new study, 4000 IU/day may be needed to eliminate that deficiency.

The researchers studied 47 African American and Caucasian men with an average age of 64 to participate in their study. All participants received a daily dose of 4000 IU of vitamin D3 for one year.

Results showed that, at the start of the study, over 90% of African Americans were deficient (as measured by 25(OH)D, the non-active storage form of vitamin D) and about 66% had very low levels (below 20 ng/mL).

There were also significant differences in vitamin D levels between the African American men and the Caucasian men. However, after one year of supplementation with 4000 IU/day any significant differences between the groups were erased.

“The results of this interventional study show the feasibility and efficacy of this approach in eliminating hypovitaminosis D, which is a crucial health disparity among African Americans,” wrote the researcher. “Vitamin D3–based interventions targeting adult African Americans could have a beneficial impact on the current epidemics of cardiometabolic disorders in this underserved population, would provide strong evidence for the causal role played by vitamin D deficiency in these pathologies, and could help eliminate well-documented health disparities.”

Since there are still some misconceptions surrounding the safety of higher doses of vitamin D, it is important to emphasize that there were no reports of toxicity or adverse effects. In my mind, 4000 IU/day isn't a high dose, but many are still hesitant to take this dose despite the mountain of evidence proving its safety at even much higher doses.

Source: Vitamin D3 supplementation (4000 IU/d for 1 y) eliminates differences in circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D between African American and white men

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