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Four Meta-Analyses Confirm Chocolate's Benefit on Blood Pressure

This new study on chocolate was a meta-analysis of four other meta-analyses...a dream within a dream. Well, not really. Anyway, the Germany-based researchers investigated the effects of epicatechin dose on blood pressure measures using data from four meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials. Results showed that the potential blood pressure lowering effects of epicatechin were linked to the dose consumed with higher doses producing greater reductions in blood pressure. A 25 mg dose of epicatechin per day was associated with significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

At a daily intake of 25 mg, epicatechin was associated with average reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 4.1 and 2.0 mmHg, respectively.

The evidence for real chocolate continues get stronger, and the unhealthy perception previously applied to chocolate is really only relevant to the candy bars, and perhaps even milk chocolate. Dark chocolate, or straight up cacao, seem rather healthy in light of the studies conducted in the last decade. In fact, you may even see chocolate extracts being used in nutritional supplements--whether it be for brain health, heart health, blood pressure, or other.

Enjoy it, guilt-free!

Source: Epicatechin ingested via cocoa products reduces blood pressure in humans: a nonlinear regression model with a Bayesian approach

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