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Eating Chocolate Keeps You Slim

This is my last post before the Easter long weekend, and how appropriate this study comes out just in time...

A new study by researchers in San Diego had reported preliminary data from almost 1,000 men and women aged between 20 and 85, who were considered "healthy" (free from heart disease, diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol levels). Chocolate consumption was assessed using a questionnaire, while intakes of fruit, vegetables, and saturated fat were factored into the calculations.

Results showed that, although chocolate consumption was linked to higher calories and increased intakes of saturated fat, more frequent chocolate consumption was linked to lower BMI (body mass index, a popular indirect measure of body composition).

However, the researchers did not measure the types of chocolate consumed (e.g. dark or milk chocolate) nor did they provide information on the quantities consumed by the study participants.

The researchers said,“Cocoa-derived epicatechin, specifically, is reported to increase mitochondrial biogenesis and capillarity, muscular performance, and lean muscle mass and to reduce weight without changing calories or exercise in rodent studies,” they said. “Parallel processes in humans, if present, could underlie our findings.”

Exciting stuff! ...and just in time too, not only for Easter, but I find myself consuming an ever-increasing amount of the heavenly darkness.

Source: Association between more frequent chocolate consumption and lower body mass index

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