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L-Carnitine Benefits Huntington's Disease

Here's yet another study displaying the promising benefits of L-carnitine supplementation.

In this retrospective database review from 23 patients with Huntington's disease (HD), 26% of patients were found to have hypocarnitenemia (low levels of L-carnitine) and catabolism (muscle breakdown). Patients with low serum carnitine who received supplementation with L-carnitine over the course of 7.3 months were found to have improvements in motor, cognitive, and behavioural measures.

The authors state, "Our findings suggest that HD patients with hypocarnitinemia may benefit from low-dose L-carnitine supplementation. Further studies of carnitine metabolism and supplementation in HD patients are warranted."

It's interesting to note that in many conditions where L-carnitine has shown promise, CoQ10 has also shown promise. The two are great complementary ingredients and the reason why many natural treatment protocols where one is used, the other is also prescribed. This is no different for Huntington's disease.

Source: Serum carnitine levels and levocarnitine supplementation in institutionalized Huntington's disease patients

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  1. I believe the studies using coq10 have used very high doses or huntington's. Should you need to take less if using ubiquinol?

    1. Theoretically that makes sense based on multiple bioavailability studies. However, my current recommendation for those switching to ubiquinol is to stick with the same dose (as you were taking for regular CoQ10) if you can. At least until a study is done on Huntington's specifically using ubiquinol at a lower dose.


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