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Cranberry Juice Benefits Health of Arteries

Cranberry juice (CJ) contains a remarkably high concentration of polyphenols, considered to be beneficial for cardiovascular and bone health. A new double-blind, randomized study was designed to test whether daily consumption of two cups (2 × 230 ml) of a "double strength" CJ over 4 months has beneficial effects on vascular function and on endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) carrying the osteoblastic marker osteocalcin in particular.

A total of 69 participants with peripheral endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular risk factors completed this double-blind, randomized, controlled trial.At the start, baseline characteristics were similar in both groups.

The study demonstrated that while long-term supplementation of polyphenol-rich CJ did not improve peripheral endothelial function, there was a decrease in the fraction of osteocalcin+ EPCs, suggesting a potential beneficial effect of polyphenol-rich CJ. Obviously, more research needs to be done, but preliminary results seem interesting.

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