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Diet Pop/Soda Increases Risk of Heart Attacks

According to new research findings, those who drink diet soft drinks could be at an increased risk of suffering from heart attacks or stroke. The researchers found that individuals who drink diet soda daily could be at a 43% increased risk of such cardiovascular events, but found no increase in risk for consumption of ‘regular’ soft drinks

Rising rates of obesity and diabetes have led to soft drinks with artificial sweeteners being marketed as healthier alternatives to ‘regular’ beverages (although I'm not sure who initially thought that adding sweet-tasting toxic chemicals would be any better than sugar).

However, this study shows that drinks full of chemicals are not good for you--if this wasn't already common-sense. Add this to a large body of evidence that shows regular soft drinks are unhealthy for numerous reasons, and you'll soon realize that you should stick with refreshing water. Water = life.

Source: Diet Soft Drink Consumption is Associated with an Increased Risk of Vascular Events in the Northern Manhattan Study

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  1. I think there was another study that just linked it to cancer. Planning to cover that study in you blog?


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