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Curcumin fights Cancer

Another study adds to the ever-expanding bank of knowledge for curcumin's ability to prevent--or even treat--certain cancers. This new study reports that the compound, responsible for turmeric's yellow colour, could help to slow the growth of prostate cancer by blocking the receptors for certain molecular pathways, although it could also reduce the effectiveness of some cancer therapies.

The research team found that “physiologically attainable” doses curcumin suppresses two genetic receptors that have been linked to the incidence of certain types of cancer, and also act as a predictor of tumour growth. By blocking these receptors, the team found that the spice extract was “a potent inhibitor of both cell cycle and survival in prostate cancer cells.”

The lead researcher said the findings may also have implications beyond prostate cancer, “since [the receptors] are important in other malignancies, like breast cancer.” She noted that an important finding of the current study was that curcumin had such effects at “physiologically attainable” doses (since some previous studies suggested doses that were not realistic).

Curcumin has increasingly come under the scientific spotlight in recent years, with numerous studies investigating its potential health benefits. As a result, curcumin has been linked to a range of health benefits, including potential protection against prostate cancer, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson's (as in THIS previous post).

Source: Targeting pioneering factor and hormone receptor cooperative pathways to suppress tumor progression

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  1. I have friend in cancer research and they are investigating curcumin too. Very promising stuff!


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