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Statin Drugs for Cholesterol Increase the Risk of Diabetes

So before I get to today's study, I thought I'd share this video that had me laughing last night. Kind of mean for the parents to do this...but makes for great entertainment!  :)

LOL...poor kids. Ok well, another study has confirmed what previous studies had already determined--use of statin medications (e.g. Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) for cholesterol significantly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The new data from the Women's Health Initiative suggests that the risk of diabetes is higher than what previous studies found, with the researchers reporting a 48% increased diabetes risk among the women taking the cholesterol-lowering medications.

The analysis included 153,840 postmenopausal women aged 50–79 years old. Information about statin use was obtained at enrollment and year three; the current analysis includes data up until 2005. At baseline, 7.0% of women were taking statins, with 30% of women taking simvastatin, 27% taking lovastatin, 22% taking pravastatin, 12.5% taking fluvastatin, and 8% taking atorvastatin. During the study period, 10,242 incident cases of diabetes were reported.

In an unadjusted risk model, statin use at baseline was associated with a 71% increased risk of diabetes. After adjusting for potential confounding variables, the risk of diabetes associated with statin therapy declined to 48%. The association was observed for all types of statins.

In my opinion, this link between statins and diabetes could be associated with the vitamin D deficiency that typically follows statin therapy. To review how statins work... they inhibit a key enzyme in the biochemical pathway in our liver that produces cholesterol. However, this same pathway is needed to produce CoQ10 and the precursor to vitamin D (which is why anyone taking a statin should be supplementing with CoQ10/ubiquinol and vitamin D3). The emphasis for diabetes being vitamin D. Here are some previous posts/studies on this topic:

In my clinical experience, high cholesterol is one of the health conditions that respond best to an assortment of natural therapies. So if your doctor wants you to take statins, talk to me first. (Just joking...I'm not about to start treating people over the internet.)

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Source: Statin use and risk of diabetes mellitus in postmenopausal women in the Women's Health Initiative

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  1. Poor kids? What a bunch of spoiled brats! It really shows what a materialistic society we're living in.
    Even though I'm not religious, I think x-mas is about giving and I have seen kids who are taught to give away their toys/gifts to toy drives and kids in needs who don't get to be showered with presents.
    I understand that it must be hard to teach your kids to be different but it is possible. It's just like parents raising their kids with a vegetarian or vegan diet ( I don't necessarily agree with this but it's an example). When you show your kids the benefits of something, they understand and they want to follow the lead.
    Anyway, that's my humble opinion.
    When I was a kid, my dad always got me underwear for x-mas and my b-day. It used to make me sad, angry and resentful but I never threw a tantrum. Thanks to my mom for always having a little something else to cheer me up but it was never extravagant. We were happy with what we got and the only time I asked for something specific I was 10 otherwise it was always a surprise for all of us and we liked that. We'd stay up till midnight and open our presents. I have fond memories of those precious moments shared with the loved ones.

  2. Awesome article!
    Love the connection you make to vitamin D. Very smart

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  4. Good coverage of this study.
    I think there was another study like this recently.


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